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Overlay Plate

Stuls-Sickles Manganese Steel

Chromium-Carbide Overlay Plate

Chromium-Carbide Overlay Plate is a unique abrasion resistant chromium-carbide overlay on a mild steel base plate. It is designed for areas with moderate impact and severe abrasion. This plate can be cut, formed, or rolled. It’s unique overlaying process produces a plate with a surface that is harder, tougher and more wear resistant than plate made by any other process.
  • Standard size is 60” x 120”
  • Standard thickness are: 1/8” on 1/8” , 3/16” on 3/16” , ¼” on ¼” , 3/8” on 3/8” , ½” on ½”
  • Overlay plate can be cut to size and/or formed to your requirements
  • Custom runs can be used to produce special thickness plates (1/2” on 1”, ¼” on 3/8”, etc.) or for special overlay requirements.

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